The US needs gun control. Here’s why.

The patterns behind our responses to mass shootings are disgustingly cyclical. A “lone shooter” will open fire on a school, venue or public place, the city goes into lockdown, social media is the first to know, we start a hashtag urging people to #pray for the city. The next shooting happens and we sweep the last one under the rug.


Trend Report: Mash-up Cuisine

KCB203 Consumption Matters  1. Introduction This trend report explores the consumption of food mash-ups in Australia and the cultural appeal it holds. A food mash-up is an unorthodox spin on fusion cuisine. Fusion cuisine marries elements of different cultural dishes and is widely accepted in Australia due to the rich diversity in culture, and nowadays … Continue reading Trend Report: Mash-up Cuisine

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Owe You Anything

Today I read something that made me angry. Let's talk about it. I saw in a facebook page for Melbourne girls today that a group of people were trying to start the hashtag 'melbournesayssorry'. "What do they say sorry for?" I thought to myself. I googled Justin Bieber and the first story to come out was … Continue reading Justin Bieber Doesn’t Owe You Anything

Justifying Important Life Choices

Part of Project ME for KJB103 Media Layout & Design Theme Selection I struggled to find a theme I actually like on the WordPress customization page that wouldn’t cost me $200. My search terms were ‘plain’, ‘simple’ and ‘minimal’. Life would have been much easier if I could have written the HTML code myself, but … Continue reading Justifying Important Life Choices